bottle blonde, summer bronchitis, and a solo show

Added on by Taylor Greenfield.

Despite being fairly worthless for the last two weeks due to a bout of summertime bronchitis, I still managed to:

a. Become blonde again. I feel way more punk and awesome when I'm blonde. 

b. Spend some time with two of my besties from Indianapolis--what a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  Bike rides, beach, and Michigan magic.  

c. Put together a solo show! Everyone is welcome to join me at the opening on August 1st at the 106 Calvin Gallery in downtown Grand Rapids from 5:00PM-9:00PM. Many thanks to the gallery for all their wonderful work, and to my friends for their gracious support. I'm super pumped to see everything together in the space. The show is work from the migration series--check out the gallery to see more. 

Cheers to a lovely July!