artist statement: migration

Added on by Taylor Greenfield.

The idea of home is a precarious one: it can be represented by a physical place, a person,  or a simple object.  Home can be found, constructed, restored, or destroyed.  Home is a constant for some, lost for others, and countless manifestations inbetween. 

My current body of work explores the necessary process of recreating a lost home.  Much of my last year has been in flux: moving, changing, losing, and finding one new home after another.  This undertaking has left me with far more than a series of addresses, and I find myself with an abundance of ambition, gratitude, and wonder. As such, these drawings are not representations of a physical space, but instead are a careful examinations of my relationships with those individuals with whom I feel most at home. These drawings consist of good friends and family, drawn carefully in order to create a likeness but also to impart a feeling of depth and physicality into these people who are more than houses. Paired with these portraits are images from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Wild Swans, a folk tale illustrating another young woman’s travels. This story reflects the importance of relationships and trust, and denies circumstance as the only factor in determining where home lies. 

Each drawing in this series is a combination of graphite and chalk pastel, materials that allow me to create areas of focus while letting other elements go unarticulated.  As a result of this approach, the drawings seem dreamlike, defined by emotion instead of real space.  In addition to the other individuals in this series, I have included a few self portraits. Creating home is a task for one’s whole self, and requires a great deal of self awareness to keep it.  As the story of The Wild Swans suggests, this dance between the individual and their community does not imply an end destination, but instead a perpetual journey with many stops along the way.