gold home I

Added on by Taylor Greenfield.

A little sneak peek for next week's Free Radical, presented by the Avenue for the Arts. I will be showing two (very large) drawings in the windows at Tower Pinkster, a Architecture/Engineering firm along S. Division in downtown Grand Rapids. The event is November 7th (and 14th) from 6:00PM-10:00PM, and takes place all up and down S. Division in various galleries and businesses. Check the Avenue website for more details!

I love Free Radical. I always end up doing something slightly outside my norm that informs my practice for the rest of the year. This time is no exception--with lots of color to celebrate fall and to ward off the coming winter. Gold Home, indeed. 

Did I mention this drawing is giant (and doesn't photograph well)? Eight feet by fifty inches. I've got one more to go before next week. About halfway there... so much neon. 

Last but not least, Avenue for the Arts is currently doing a crowd funding campaign to raise funds for a new headquarters. This organization has done incredible things for our city over the last decade, and deserves our support. Give if you can