Added on by Taylor Greenfield.

I love eels.  No doubt this fascination was recently brought to the forefront because "river monsters" is on netflix and I can't stop watching it... but I digress. A new drawing, a new body of work.  Not all eels, of course, but plenty of fish.  Representations of our dear ancient lakes--and someday, when it stops being winter (ahem, michigan!), I'll swim in them again.   Can you believe there are actually eels in Michigan?  Mostly in lake erie, but still.  Incredible.


Here's my starting point.  my box of chalk pastels may look disorganized, but... yeah ok, it is.  Terribly.  But I tend to work fairly quickly, using a combination of my fingers, palms, and general flailing... so even if I start with everything in order it never stays that way for long.


All in all, a lovely productive day.  Check out the Ancient Lake gallery for more details of the work.  Cheers!